I am thinking of combining the words business and fizz to create a company name more relative to the work i do. The thinking behind it is that i love creating ideas only really in business so that’s the first bit and the second bit is because i have so many ideas bursting out i think its like fizz, plus it sounds cool. Maybe Business Fizz could be better but its more long winded. The problem i have with Buiz Fizz is it doesn’t look right. Hmmmmmmmm


I know facebook like to make a ton of money from advertising because there not rich enough yet. I notice when you go to create a facebook page their like “its strictly prohibited to advertise on your page”. This makes me very angry cause the only reason i can see as to why not is so facebook make more money and not the rest of us. A solution i think there missing is allow advertising on a page but facebook take a 30% commission per click or something. I just think not everyone wants to create an ad through there usual system and some would just like to advertise on a specific page. Maybe this is already out there? Crazy if not!

Online shopping has dramatically increased over the last few years, a latest report from the BBC shows that even the high street shops are starting to suffer. An area that i can see room for improvement is the delivery department. Most people end up of very unsatisfied with their delivery experience, from delays to poor service. A small company has just started same day delivery in the London network, they charge approx £4.95 per parcel and most deliveries are done before 4pm. I think there should be more same day delivery options around the country. Especially with the amount of private couriers there are out there! It would be nice to see a same day delivery option on eBay too. If there were some way to calculate the amount of items sold on eBay per week between buyer and seller who live in the same area i bet it would be high! There are many customers who would be happy to pay £4.95 approx for a quick and reliable delivery service. These small couriers can offer a lot more personal service than these bigger couriers and they deserve to take much more of the profits.

It’s alright for those out there with the Immersion heaters who never have a problem of a cold bath but for all the other poor souls (including myself) often get caught out! Its usually when theres no hot water in the tank when I really want a bath. Instead of upgrading my boiler system there should be an alternative. The technology of heating up water quickly is out there already (kettle) how about applying this technique to a few more litres of water? Maybe you could even set the water to your preferred temp! You will more than likely need to use electricity so safety will have to be a high priority for whatever this product is!

Three important factors for an online business is a brand name, a logo and a website. If you are a new start up you probably won’t have all three of these factors maybe not even one. So what i want to know is why do website companies operate the way they do? I mean nearly all customers that go too a website company are looking for the best website to sell their product or service, why do these have to be made from scratch? I hardly see any websites companies out there that offer the complete package. This product to me is a good catchy brand name (along with an easy domain name) a well designed logo and a top website in functionality, design and performance! The only thing that will need to be added is the customers products/text. Why can’t potential website owners see the exact product before they purchase! As long as these websites and brands look good I can see a strong market here!

It’s not rare that I have an idea I really want to pursue but this one I would really really really want to be involved in! Really! The problem is that nearly all products we buy are over packaged! And with online shopping becoming bigger by the day I think there is an opportunity to solve this. I think toys are one of the worst for over packaging. They do need to be protected but this can still be done without all these trees dying from the vast amount of cardboard and paper we use. From the despatch side if orders were sent through a courier like city link they could be stored in sealable containers during the delivery process. Once the courier arrives at the customers address the driver opens the container, delivers the unpackaged toy and can use that same container many times again. The problem i am trying to get around at the moment however is secure shipping from the manufacturer to the seller for the unpackaged goods. Any suggestions welcome. This is a model though that needs to start being applied to the online industry. It will bring in more sales than the competition as we all like to help the planet and the seller could get a better price for its products without the cost of packaging!

Ask any conservatory owner, the temperature has got to be the most annoying problem! When it’s winter it’s blooming freezing and when it’s summer it’s like having a built on steam room to your lounge. A brief search of the market shows no signs of a temperature control unit specifically for conservatories! I don’t doubt the technology is out there but selling a product that functions only to solve the temperature problem in a conservatory has big marketing power! Forgive me if these products are already out there and selling with this angle. More of my posts over the next few weeks will feature some more products that I think could do well.